“I am annoyed by superficial solutions and want to go into depth with you. Intuition and analysis broaden the horizon. I lead change in the public field, crossing silos in the process”

Portretfoto van Mariëlle Slierendrecht Emergentia Organisatieontwikkeling Amsterdam

Mariëlle Slierendrecht

Mariëlle Slierendrecht is the founder of Emergentia. She guides transformation in the face of social and organizational complexity, starting with the substantive task at hand. She takes individuals, teams and organizations on an adventurous learning experience to work towards meaningful collaboration and profound change.

Her approach is open and inviting and uses a combination of intuition, dialogue and analysis. She works from a big picture, human relationship perspective and steps outside the box when necessary.

She has extensive experience in the public sector in a variety of roles -from facilitator to consultant and interim/program manager.

Mariëlle is a certified (organization) coach (StiR and CTCP) and Advanced Practitioner of Social Presencing Theater. Together with her family she lives in Amsterdam.

About Emergentia
About Emergentia

Certified Transformational
Presence Coach

About Emergentia
About Emergentia

Certified Transformational
Presence Coach



First and foremost, we work as partners: you as the person with the final responsibility for a task, me as a temporary pillar of support, sounding board and, where necessary, a louse in the fur. But together also means that we work with the partners involved. We move away from the silo or the rake. For a contribution to a larger social whole, we put the whole puzzle together and look beyond our own pieces. In the connection we find the energy and creativity needed to bring intentions to life.

Skilled in complexity

In a rapidly changing complex world, you won’t get there with reason alone. A prediction you make today will no longer be valid tomorrow. Exerting influence or achieving a result therefore requires more. Learning to act and discovering levers to turn the situation around. Daring to deviate from the beaten (or predetermined) path. We therefore use – in addition to analysis – methods that are grafted onto systems thinking. We make room for research into what works.


Broad Horizon

What do we not see when we look at an issue, its context and our own actions? Working with Emergentia is an adventure in which we discover more and more about the stratification of reality. We alternate between different perspectives: looking at the goal, broadening the horizon and diving into the deep end. Curiosity allows for new connections, insight and movement.


About Emergentia

Anna Maggi

Anna Maggi is a visual facilitator, communication designer and embodiment practitioner. As a researcher, designer and artist, she is a specialist in visual sensing and visual facilitation. Anna captures the essence of “the moment” – whether it is a conversation or an experience, by painting live during an event, conference or workshop.

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About Emergentia

Débora Barrientos

Débora has been involved in different consultancy projects related to change management and organizational and social development and transformation for almost 15 years. She is driven by a high sense of social justice, as well as a strong supporter of sustainability and organizational well-being. In all her work, she always has one objective in mind: to foster the development of people and organizations; touching lives.

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About Emergentia

Mark Hollingworth

Mark Hollingworth’s expertise lies in training, teaching and conducting workshops on strategy and leadership as well as in (supervising) strategic planning processes in all types of organizations.

Mark uses a mix of traditional and non-traditional processes, tools and techniques depending on the needs of the client.

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Shannon Stoll Rabas

Shannon is a somatic coach, facilitator and learning & organization development consultant. She empowers individuals, teams and organizations to develop 4.0 leadership skills, navigate change, and make visible the invisible forces and emerging possibilities.

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