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Complexity Lab

Are you responsible for a complex, sticky or stuck issue that can’t be solved at the conference table? Instead of putting it endlessly on the agenda, you can choose to step out of the madness of the day and bring it to the Complexity Lab. The Complexity Lab is made for issues that are stuck at the intersection of content and people. For example, because a common language is lacking or a shared vision of work. Sometimes the solidity of positions obscures the view of the common goal. Or because efforts repeatedly fail to have the desired effect.


The more something seems to be stuck, the greater the potential is! The Complexity Lab is a ‘Round Table’ that takes you completely out of your daily work to focus on the issue at hand. It offers effective tools to untangle the knot. We make a commitment for at least 3 meetings of 2,5 hours within 1 month. Contact us to find out if your question is suitable for the Complexity Lab.