emergentia organisatieontwikkeling portretfoto van marielle slierendrecht van de zijkant, omhoog kijkend

Individual coaching


Individual Coaching

“Thank you MariĆ«lle for the coaching. It was particularly attuned. To me as a person, but also to the specific (work) situation. You dare to use intuitive methods if the situation requires it. This allowed the conversations to go a layer deeper than the ‘essentials’ and to open up new perspectives and possible solutions.”


What do you need to grow? How do you take action in a way that connects with the bigger picture? How do you make conscious decisions, just on the edge of what you thought you could do? I help you to access more sources in order to contribute more to your (work) world from your professional role.

Some of my clients seek me out to reassess their mission and vision. Others I help to work with turbulent complex (social) tasks from a leadership role. Whatever your question is, I use intuitive methods and invite transformation. An introduction is free of charge. A phone call or a message is enough to start the contact.