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Social Arts


Social Presencing Theater

“Thank you so much for the incredible practice experience this evening… I feel changed! The subject was very close to my heart (and acute discomfort zone!). I feel a breakthrough beyond words. Huge gratitude and appreciation for the space you hold and hosted” -Rain


Expand your view. Let curiosity, compassion and courage determine your next step. Allow for the surprise of authentic action.

SPT is the social technology of collective awareness and systemic change. It helps individuals, team and organizations work more sustainably, creatively and inclusively. It is an experiential method that goes directly to the core. In doing so, it facilitates profound change.

Developed by the Presencing Institute under the leadership of Arawana Hayashi and Otto Scharmer, the method uses simple body postures that make visible (“theater”) in space the current dynamics in a situation. This provides insight into levers for change. SPT is a source to set in motion issues that cannot be adequately resolved at the conference table. It can be applied to strategic, leadership and development issues. More information can be found in the book by the founder Arawana Hayashi or : this video.

SPT Practice Group Amsterdam

Getting acquainted with SPT? Or maybe you’d like to keep your existing SPT practice alive? Come to the practice group in Amsterdam! We meet once a month. What to expect:

Wat je verder kunt verwachten:

  • Each meeting 2-3 SPT exercises; the meetings can be attended separately
  • Knowledge or experience of Theory U, SPT, movement, mindfulness, dance or theater is not required, just bring an open mind
  • Language: English and/or Dutch depending on the group
  • We usually meet the first Thursday of the month (late afternoon/early evening)
  • Dates 2022: July 7, August 4 (subject to change), September 1
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